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Coal Tar Oil Hydrogenation Technology

The combined tar slurry and fixed bed hydrogenation technology is developed by Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology (CNITECH), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and us. It is the advanced coal tar hydrogenation and kerosene co-refining technology which can achieve the maximum liquid yield.
The research and development team of the tar slurry and fixed bed hydrogenation technology has overcome a number of technical problems over the years. At present, the technology has been commercialized and has been used for five years.

SBC is the abbreviation of slurry bubble column ,which indicates the fluid form of the coal tar hydrogenation:
    1. The slurry shows that the reaction system contains solid, it is a liquid (oil) -solid mixture;
    2. The bubbling shows that there is gas through the liquid - solid slurry, which plays a role of stirring, this makes the gas-liquid-solid three-phase mix back fully and uniformly and then contact completely;
    3. The column indicates the reactor configuration, it is an empty barrel-shaped container with no inner components.
In SBC, the solid is a nanocatalyst or an inert solid, different solids can be used depending on the specific nature of the raw material.

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