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R&D history
We always believe the promotion of enterprise development comes from scientific and technological innovation. By strengthening the cooperation between production and research the structure of our product is optimized continuously, the strength of our company is enhanced and our business field is broaden. In 2009 we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the machinery plant of Zhejiang Technology University and started our cooperation in the field of alcohol alkoxylation. In 2011 we established long-term scientific research cooperation with Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology (CNITECH), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)and built the catalyst engineering technology center for catalyst technology research of chemical raw materials, the resource and equipment sharing and personnel training. In the same year, we develop the new materials of inorganic melamine resin foam with Zhongshan University.
In 2013, with joint study with CNITECH the project of “the complete set of process technology which are used in the preparation of gasoline and diesel blending component from the hydrogenation of coal tar and the development of catalysts” was listed in the key project of Ningbo Industrial Science and Technology Plan. In the same year we set up post-doctoral research center, we recruited Ph.D with CNITECH and started the high level talent training.

In 2009, our low pressure urea hydrolysis technology was awarded as the renovating and supporting technology in the nitrogen fertilizer industry. in 2010 our independently developed FGS wet ammonia flue gas desulfurization device was awarded second prize in the Ningbo Jiangdong district science and technology progress award. From 2011, we were awarded continuously in the Ningbo science and technology progress award. In 2012 we were entitled as Ningbo outstanding energy saving new technology company.
In 2016 our independent research and development of "ISS coke oven gas catalytic desulfurization technology" was awarded the first prize in Ningbo Jiangdong Science and Technology Progress Award.
At present, our technology package and reactor catalyst technology includes: wet method desulfurization technology, acid gas based sulfur recovery Claus technology, acidgas based sulfuricacid wet method synthesis technology, coal tarhydrogenationbased diesel synthesis technology, residue hydrogenation cracking technology, syngas based ethylene glycol synthesis technology.
The technologies which is still being developed include methanol based aromatics synthesis technology, acetic acidhydrogenation based ethanol synthesis echnology, methanol based PC and PPO synthesis technology. We have the pilot research and development capability of ethylene glycol, acetic acid hydrogenation and desulfurization. We have advanced testing facilities,stable R&D team and high-quality personnel.
We have the device of 3,000MTs/year ethylene glycol production, 5,000 MTs/year of catalyst production plant for coal tar and residual oil hydrogenation,5,000 MTs/year desulfurizer production and various types of antioxidants production device. At present the ethylene glycol catalyst has been sold to Xinjiang Tianye Group successfully.

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