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There are 311 employees in our company, more than 50 of them work in the headquarter, 85% of our R&D team are with master degree. We have reasonable structure and high quality employees.In the lead of our technology leaders we started the study of carbon monoxide catalyticcoupling based oxalate ester synthesis and oxalate hydrogenation based ethylene glycol synthesissince 2007. In 2011 we established the technologycenter of engineering research with Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology (CNITECH), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The exhaustive and comprehensive study was carried out in the past nine years including the catalyst research and development, the reaction engineering and mechanism research, the process research, the establishment of a complete physical database and the separationsystems research. A series of key technologies are obtained such as the synthesis oxalate ester from carbon monoxide and oxalate ester hydrogenation which includes the perfect database; the esterification-carbonization stable and closed self-circulation key technology; the recovery cycle of methyl nitrite, carbon monoxide and nitric oxide; oxalic acid synthesis reactor and its technology; the key preparation technology of catalysts for the oxalate synthesis and hydrogenation.
Up to now, the catalysts and the ethylene glycol synthesis technology which are developed by us have reached the domestic advanced level. For example the catalyst has been operated by Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. for more than one year. The quality is superior to the oil line produced glycol product and all the technical standards have reached the leading domestic level. In September 2016, Tianchen Chemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Co., Ltd, got the right to use our self-developed catalyst for the ethylene glycol synthesis. This marks that the independent Chinese ethylene glycol technology has realized the import substitution for the first time. It opens a new era of ethylene glycol market. This news was reported in the second edition of "China Chemical Reporter" with headline on September 4, 2016.
In 2013, our R&D team and CNITECH carried out a key industrial project the complete set of process technology  which are used in the preparation of gasoline and diesel blending componentfrom the hydrogenation of coal tar and the development of catalysts.In the same year, the project "the integration and demonstration of the key technology of bio based polyester aromatic ring monomer manufacturing and co-condensation" was declared to the national 863 project successfully. "A device of the removal of sulfur dioxide in waste gas and ammonium sulfate byproduction" was awarded gold prize in the ninth Ningbo invention and innovation contest. "The catalyst and its preparation method which is used for the production ofclean fuel oil from coal tar" and "a method of producing thiosulfate from industrial flue gas and recovering the carbon dioxide" was awarded gold prize in the eleventh Ningbo invention and innovation contest. "The catalytic desulfurization technology research and industrialization of ISS coke oven gas" was awarded the first prize in the Ningbo city science and technology progress award .                                       
Over the past years, the deep exploration and practice are developed for the "talent work". We established the talent introduction, training, using and incentive mechanism which is proper for our development. We are always adhering to "the pursuit of harmony between human and enterprise" as our core values. By the construction of a good environment for talent, the creativity and enthusiasm of each talent can be developed. It is believed that with our unremitting effort the talent from Ningbo Fareast will become a bright pearl and create a new glory in the Chinese chemical and environmental protection field.

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